Some Important Facts of Hot Water Cylinders

If you’re searching for a hot water cylinder, then you can go for the humble hot water ones. These cylinders are associated with low installation investments and incredible reliability, and it’s the main reason for its immense popularity.

Albeit, electricity has been the most popular option since ages, hot water cylinders can now take fuel from solar energy, gas, wetback systems, and heat pumps or the amalgamations of these strategies.

What is the Work Structure of Hot Water Cylinders?

Actually, simplicity is the main reason for the preference for hot water cylinder. These devices are capable of delivering hot water, as per your requirement with a negligible difficulty.

Likewise an electric jug, these devices depend upon an element present in the particular storage tank. Such element heats as well as preserves the water to that of the needed temperature, controlled by the respective cylinders thermostat.


Basically, cold water enters the storage tank of the respective hot water cylinders on an automatic basis. And when it comes to exiting, the water temperature gets lowered within the bottom part of the tank. And then it will trigger the particular thermostat, enabling the particular element for activation and heating the water, as per the set temperature once again. This technique continues round the clock, maintaining a continuous hot water supply (appropriately heated).

The Parts of a Hot Water Cylinder

One of the key components of a hot water cylinder is its storage tank. However, many advanced hot water storage tanks are going to basically hold a steel inner cylinder, associated with vitreous enamel or glass, insulation along with an outer lining (made out of steel). Based on the age, the low-pressure tanks might be involved with a copper lining.

The Thermostat is another major part of a hot water cylinder. It’s actually a thermometer that controls the temperature of water present within the respective storage tank. Moreover, the thermostat comes in a fully-automatic nature that means power will be used only whenever heating would be needed.

The Element is another important part of a hot water cylinder. Basically, there’s one element, but in some scenarios, there’re double immersion elements placed within the respective storage tank. The element actually generates the heat required for heating the water. Some of the storage tanks would accommodate a total of two heating elements, and each one of those is regulated by its individual thermostat.

The Temperature Pressure Relief Valve is another important part of the hot water cylinder. It actually provides protection to the entire device from excessive temperatures plus pressure. Also, it helps the hot water cylinder in avoiding considerable damage. This part also helps your house avoid extensive damage.

The Anode Rod is also there to extend the longevity of the respective storage tank and alleviate corrosion with the passage of time. It has a great contribution to the hot water cylinder being a sacrificial metal. Moreover, the Anode Rod is composed of aluminium or magnesium, accompanied by a steel core.

Another major part is the Drain Valve so that all water can be drained from the hot water cylinder in times of making repairs, replacements, or movements.