Stages Of A Web Design And Development Project

Having a presence on the internet can be very simple for the client if it is put in the right hands. There are many ways to create a website.

However, if you want to be successful, it is essential that when betting on a professional team of web design and development, this know and work based on the different stages of a web creation project, giving each of them the same importance.

What phases of a web design and development project should we consider?

To do a professional job, you must go step by step. Let’s see how it is achieved.

A briefing

It may seem a necessary point, but we know from our extensive experience that it is an aspect that, if carried out meticulously, ends up saving the experts’ work and, therefore, money to our clients.

This is nothing more than a meeting with the client in which we draw clear essential aspects towards which to turn our actions, such as the public to which we are going, the budget with which we start, what special needs exist and a very long etcetera.

Equally important is knowing what is not expected or desired, so that we can directly discard ideas and resources, focusing entirely on what interests us.

The planning

The bases of action must be considered and determined to start working clearly and efficiently from the beginning.

All the people involved in the project must meet to know it at a general level and, in this way, to be able to work on their part in an integrated manner to obtain a unified set.

Ideas are contributed, researched; initial concepts are created to assemble the appropriate strategy as well as the information architecture … Only when we have a substantial inventory of functionalities will we go on to outline prototypes.

Visual conceptualization and design

It is time to begin contextualizing the site’s space and structure visually so that the client can see how it will look if he has some other ideas or considerations and so on.

It is essential, at this point, to reach an agreement before starting the development of the website, because it is a tricky part that takes hours of effort.

Thus, the site will start to be shaped and colored, the multimedia elements and graphics will be created, and we will begin to practice usability tests on prototypes.

Web development (programming)

This is where the functionalities are going to be implemented, that is, they will be created and made to work.

We must choose a programming language as well as frameworks, perform the front end, with design and web development and the back end, which is carried out by specialized programmers, databases are created and optimized, we improve the performance of the site, we include the security systems to be used … In short, we set up the interior of the place.

It’s launch

It is about making the final publication on a server chosen for the client.

Is this happens we will have to train the client so that he can use the product we have created, something we do when a self-managing web is demanded?

This is also where we include web analysis tools that act as indicators of the fulfillment of objectives.

The maintenance

The last of the stages of a web design and development project is its maintenance and updating. We do not create, we charge and we disappear.

All online space requires maintenance. This can be contracted promptly, to fine-tune the site from time to time, the client can do this himself as well if he has known for it or you can choose to enjoy a service in which the assistance is continuous.